ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

An Important Announcement

ClearBeing is not a location.It’s our truest light shining through a vital body, meeting the fullness of Now with integrity & love, and an inborn recognition of our essential Oneness with all of Life. Dear ClearBeing Community, We want to let you know that due to various and complex factors, ClearBeing as a physical location …

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The End of Seeking

(Recording and transcript from a Retreat talk December 3, 2023) I went to a silent retreat this summer with Sharon who was asked to teach by Adyashanti. And one of the things that I noticed is that whereas it used to take me sometimes days to drop into quiet, into the silence that I was …

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Simple Fall Salad Meal

Grate: Toss with lemon juice, honey and optional salt. Put in a bowl and garnish with sprouts (I’ve use sunflower and alfalfa-red clover here), avocado and a baked sweet potato. You could also add chopped onion. Enjoy!

Zucchini Noodle & Tomato Bowl

by Caroline If you grow zucchini, keep an eye on them as they grow and pick them when they’re about 8 inches long for this tasty and easy one-dish meal. For one serving: Toss it all together and voila! Enjoy!

Embodied Awakening

It’s really about bringing awareness to the body’s capacity to relax when it is able to perceive that invitation from the earth. To this willingness to open to both those parts that are relaxing as well as those parts that are holding tension with equal generosity. Guided meditation by Caroline from 3-day Silent Retreat, August …

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by Caroline Guided meditation by Caroline from 9-day Deep Healing Retreat August 5, 2023 (transcript) I want to speak about and reflect on self-esteem. Of course, the self is always worthy of utmost esteem, infinite esteem, boundless respect. And yet we forget this and it comes out in various ways. It’s so ingrained and pervasive …

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SoulQuest FAQs

Why is the format 3 Initiations? First of all, there is no requirement to commit to all 3 initiations. Everyone starts with the first initiation, CONNECT, and then trusts if and when they’re called to do the next level, generally at least 6 months later. The journey to soul is an ongoing process that is, …

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Garden Greens & Potatoes

by Caroline I created this quick meal inspired by what I harvested while tending to the garden this morning. The rain and warm weather has brought forth so many fresh greens! Fingerling potatoes from Quebec (I planted some of these, so soon we’ll have our own!), halved and cooking in water in an enamel non-stick …

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Spinach-Dill-Avocado Dressing

by Caroline One of the things I love about tending a vegetable garden is being inspired by what’s available in the garden at any given time and making lively meals to share with friends. This past week I had half a bed of spinach that was starting to go to seed so I pull it …

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Food and Healing Beliefs Questioned

Unquestioned beliefs can sabotage our best intentions towards effortless self-care. Here are some common beliefs about food and healing as well as alternative beliefs that may resonate more deeply and open you to expanded possibilities for yourself. Beliefs about your body Uplifting beliefs to consider: Beliefs about yourself Uplifting beliefs to consider: Beliefs about what you need …

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SoulQuest Gestation: Part 1

Audio Why are we doing this? AND What happens to the ego? Soul: a momentum that reflects an alignment with an individual’s most authentic & beneficial expression. You might believe that people who have been aligning with soul in a conscious way would easily have access to clarity. Yes, and no. Sometimes the only thing …

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The Many Why’s of Soul Coaching

Nowadays if I see myself as having any sort of title it’s ‘soul coach’. Although my professional work has gone from fitness, to holistic movement, to nutrition, to energy work, to yoga, to meditation, to retreats, the entire journey has been inspired by a desire to understand and experience health. My understanding of ‘health’ has …

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