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ClearBeing Corporate Offerings

Healthy work communities create abundance for all.

Are you wanting to spark a sense of vitality, community, and creativity in your workplace within yourself and co-workers?

ClearBeing is pleased to offer curated retreats to awaken the very best in your professional life.

A healthy & balanced employee is more:

All Retreats may be booked for varying lengths of time: Day, Weekend, Weeklong

  • Hands on Restorative Yoga (+ massage and energy work)
  • Opening & Closing fire ceremonies
  • Meditation (guided, specific to effortless self-care) + opportunities for questions
  • Delicious, wholesome, & fresh meals (+ talks/education)
  • Fresh juices and smoothies
  • Workshops on mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Nature walks/therapy (guided or solo)
  • Guided Community Circles
  • Opening & closing fire ceremonies
  • Movement (Yoga, Restorative, MovNat, QiGong)
  • Meditation (guided, specific to inspiration & creativity) + opportunities for questions
  • Delicious, wholesome & fresh meals (+ talks/education)
  • Workshops (Freeing ‘Stuckness’ and/or Tapping into the Source of Creativity & Inspiration)
  • Nature walks/therapy (guided or solo)
  • Break-out groups
  • Guided Community Circles
Connection with self, others, work, purpose
  • Opening & closing fire ceremonies
  • Movement (Yoga, Restorative, MovNat, QiGong)
  • Nature walks/therapy (guided or solo)
  • Meditation (guided, specific to connection & communication) + opportunities for questions
  • Delicious, wholesome & fresh meals (+ talks/education)
  • Workshops (Growing Through Conflict and/or What is True Connection: With Self, Others, Work, Purpose)
  • Breakout Groups
  • Guided Community Circles

Step 1: Choose your length of stay

  • Day-long
  • Week long
  • Select Weekdays

Step 2: Choose your theme

  • Tapping into the ‘soul’ of your business
  • Balance
  • Sparking engagement within personal & work life
  • Balancing structure & freedom
  • Community Building
  • Creativity
  • Nutritional Rebirth
  • Self-sustainability
  • Inspiration
  • and more… let us help you to refine what might be most valuable for you and your business

Step 3: Choose your retreat components


  • Yoga (for all levels)
  • Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • MovNat
  • Intuitive Dance
  • Qi Qong
  • Breathwork

Food & Nutrition

  • Plant Power workshop
  • Cleansing to Heal
  • Growing your own food
  • Foraging
  • Healing with Whole foods
  • Nutritional Rebirth: A day/weekend week of nourishing & cleansing

Food Preparation focus for the retreat

  • Short educational talks before each meal

Food Workshops

  • Typical day of Deep Healing Meals
  • Juices & Smoothies
  • Quick & Easy Meals
  • Salad Meals
  • Heaven on Earth Bowls

Meditation Workshops

  • What is meditation?
  • Peace: right relationship with the mind
  • Freedom: allowing your whole emotional experience
  • Coming home:  living more deeply in the body
  • Joy: experiencing your true nature
  • Mindfulness as a tool to heal addictions
  • Harmonious Relationships
  • Connecting to purpose

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