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Connect. Relate. Surrender

A journey of awakening to Spirit within the embrace of Nature.

Embarking on your SoulQuest is an individual and collective service to all of Life. Each of us who relearns and re-establishes the connection to our deepest Self clears the way for those who follow. In these quickening times, more and more, we are experiencing the joy of joining together in tending to the Soul of the World for the benefit of all beings.

SoulQuest is re-membering who we are and why we’re here on this Earth.

What is SoulQuest?

SoulQuest is an active, progressive relearning and reconnection with the source energy that we are all part of. It is a journey undertaken by a group of people with the shared purpose of exploring what it means, and how it feels to live a life that is guided by our truest Being.

While the initiations happen in the supportive context of community, SoulQuest is about individual exploration and empowerment. Rather than showing you the path, we guide you in reading the unique map of your own Soul in a way that is rarely taught or modelled for us in Western culture.

Through three progressive initiations, primarily experienced on the land here at ClearBeing and undertaken anywhere from 6 months to a year apart, you will deepen into inner resources, understandings, perspectives, and practices which serve to align you with the deepest wisdom of your Soul’s purpose and original instructions. The more intimate you become with the territory of Soul, the more the path clarifies, and the more confident and self-reliant you will become.

While deepening into Soul is a distinct journey for each person, there are potent tools and practices which certainly open us to encounters with our deepest Self. SoulQuest puts you in touch with capacities and inner resources which will naturally inform your daily life beyond your time here at ClearBeing.

Nature is the purest manifestation of Soul, and is therefore our greatest teacher.


Caroline Marie Dupont

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach
My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.
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Brett Sanger

Nature Connection Guide + MovNat Instructor
My focus is now to shine my light to help guide others along this purposeful path of connection. Mine is a heart-centered path of service where I use my deep presence and natural ability to hold space along with Forest Therapy, meditation, and embodiment practices to help light the way and guide my fellow humans into new ways of perceiving, Being, and showing up in life.
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Genya Klaiman

Co-Founder, Breath Coach, Soul Coach, MovNat Instructor
My calling is to encourage clients to choose the way they want to live. I feel deeply that we each bring unique and important gifts to this world. I would love to share my gifts with you and inspire you to share yours with humanity.
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Let us show you the way to let Nature show you the way.

Who is SoulQuest for?

Those who wish to live with ever deepening authentic purpose and to take the One Seat as an ecological Being with a specific and invaluable gift and expression.

  • Spiritual seekers who are looking to bring their growing spiritual awareness into genuine and tangible expression in the world.
  • Environmentalists who want to harness their love of our world for meaningful action, and transmute grief, anger and fear into fuel for the collective soul.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to create innovative and soulful businesses which honour individuals and the planet.
  • Those considering a career change who are seeking to gain clarity and access the incomparable courage of the soul to take the necessary steps.
  • Wellness practitioners who desire to engage with clients with energetic integrity and simultaneously spark soulful awakenings in those they serve.
  • Parents who are passionately dedicated to both their own and their children’s soulful unfolding.
  • Young adults who long to trust their soul’s wisdom to guide them to true purpose in this key transitional period, and to cultivate lasting peace and abundance in life.
  • Educators wanting to remember the inspiration that originally called them to their vocation and who feel sincerely invested in meeting and nurturing their students as unique and valuable individuals.
  • Anyone who has felt the call towards a more connected, compassionate, loving way to live, and who wishes to be a model and/or guide for their families and communities.
  • Those who have taken the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training and/or Yoga Teacher Training & Beyond Programs who wish to nurture, strengthen and refine their Soul connection within the embrace of Nature and the potentiating effect of community. While not a prerequisite, these programs are a rich preparation for potent encounters with Soul.

Your SoulQuest is a seed that’s already growing towards the light.

The 3 Initiations

Initiation I: Connect  

  • Leaning into deep intimacy with all of our ways of knowing: the mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies, sense perception, heart, imagination, intuition, and more, so that we are fully resourced for the Soul’s journey.
  • Cultivating Presence within ourselves and in the context of Nature immersion.
  • Learning to recognize the subtle and simultaneously persistent voice of the Soul.

Initiation II: Relate 

  • Deepening into the Way of Relationship which guides us to honouring & uplifting each other’s sacred presence in our lives.
  • Refining, through Presence, one’s receptivity towards the infinite intelligence of relational fields, both human and other-than-human.
  • Dispelling the illusion of separation through an exploration of, and journey into the unified nature of creation and existence.

Initiation III: Surrender

  • Meeting ourselves exactly where we’re at in our humanity knowing that the present moment is a portal into ever-unfolding evolution, and spiritually informed expression. 
  • Finding balance between Being and Doing, illuminated by a maturing connection to spirit.
  • Being open to the ongoing refinement of our Soul’s expression through inspiration, dissolution, integration and present moment informed action.

SoulQuesting is a moment to moment process… an ongoing way of relating to life.

What’s included

Each initiation offers practices and wisdom sharing to bring participants further along the journey of connecting to higher self, shadow self, soul purpose, and wholeness of Being.

  • Preparatory practices (given upon registration to prepare for the Initiation)
  • Components of the SoulQuest Retreat include:
    • Fire Ceremonies
    • Nature immersion: forest therapy, animism, sit spot contemplation
    • Meditation: guided, silent, interactive
    • Nutrition: whole foods, organic, plant-based, home grown and local, ‘emptying our vessel’ through food, juicing and possibly fasting in the latter days.
    • Breathwork
    • Wood-fired sauna ceremony
    • Movement: MovNat, Intuitive Dance, Yoga, Qigong
    • Soul Coaching
    • Play
    • Teaching and interactive exercises
  • Each initiation culminates in a solo journey in Nature.
  • Accommodations at the beautiful ClearBeing retreat centre located in the Happy Valley are of King City Ontario. Canada.
  • Options to spend some nights on the land, in our Tipi or under open skies.
  • Field work: self-directed practices, prompts, exercises, reading, journaling to keep the journey and the work alive between initiations.
  • Mentorship Circles between initiations.
  • Access to the SoulQuest Member’s page on our web-site with access to:
    • Recordings and resources
    • Suggested reading
    • The ClearBeing Meditation System
    • Soul Coach Primer Courses
      • Healing the Body the Soul’s Way
      • Addictions
      • Practitioners
      • Empaths
      • Effortless Self-Care
  • The option of One-on-one Soul Mentorship sessions or packages 
  • Priority attendance to ClearBeing Solstice and Equinox Fire Ceremonies
  • $200 off Soul Coach Training & Yoga Teacher Training & Beyond

Most of us don’t remember being connected to the territory of the Soul in this way: the fullness of it, the quietude of the mind, the ‘all is well’ feeling regardless of outside circumstances, the joy of accessing and offering our unique gift

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