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Transform the Challenges of Your Empathic Nature into the Gift that It Is

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  • Feel more confident trusting your feelings as a source of intelligence.
  • Re-program the tendency to turn away from feelings and connect to curiosity & appreciation of your sensitive nature.
  • Experience your capacity to hold space for all feelings, whether you understand where they’re coming from or not.
  • Shift the belief that there is something wrong with you because you seem to be feeling more deeply than others.

For those of us who feel deeply, the conditioning that we have received around feelings and emotions often prevents us from bringing our much needed contribution to the world.

Sign up to receive a FREE 60-minute MasterClass

Transform Your Empathic Nature into the Gift that It Is

with Caroline Marie Dupont, M.Sc.

Caroline Marie Dupont

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach
My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.
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Caroline approaches this topic by encouraging you to consider 5 core beliefs that you might hold, perhaps even unconsciously, and offering alternative or additional perspectives to consider.

  • When I’m helping others, I need to be calm, happy and in control. AND / OR … Opening to challenging feelings that arise in relationship may be the most valuable contribution I can make.
  • I have to protect myself from certain feelings … AND / OR … The more I open myself to challenging feelings with kindness and curiosity the more I discover my resilience.
  • Challenging emotions are caused by someone or something outside of me … AND / OR … Others evoke feelings that are ready to be acknowledged and integrated in me.
  • I don’t have the capacity to feel intense emotions … AND / OR … My deepest nature has space for all things.
  • I’m sensitive and therefore need to be careful what I expose myself to … AND / OR … My sensitivity is a sign that I’m deeply connected to life and I have meaningful and critical contributions to make.

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