ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Andreja Ivic
Reiki Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Bodywork therapist
"I met Caroline about 16 years ago at her home teaching raw food classes. I then attended her day retreat, as well as, a few more classes offered at her home.  As I deepened my own journey on the raw/vegan path and spiritual evolution, I attended the nutrition program at CSNN where Caroline taught the mind, body spirit component of the course. That was over a decade ago, and I always felt that I would connect with her in some capacity in the future. Receiving her newsletters over the years, The SoulCoach Training caught my attention. It came at a perfectly aligned time on my own personal journey, and I could not have been more elated to receive the teachings and wisdom that Caroline had to offer.

One of the main perspectives that have shifted in my life, is to truly allow and be present with all parts of myself and external situations, and to acknowledge that everything that is alive in my life is there FOR me. The continual practice of witnessing and being the observer without over-analyzing or judging what is present, albeit not always an easy task :), continues to offer a deeper awareness, humbleness, and simplicity to my life, as well expanding the depth within myself, that is allowing me to know myself, even more, every day. It's a continuous evolution.

My relationship with myself continues to become more connected and integrated. As I continue to hold myself in presence or catch myself when I am not, it has added a richness to how I connect to my "whole self", regardless of my state of being ~ emotional, mental, physical, energetic, etc. It continues to teach me to release the labels of good, bad, enough, not enough, well or unwell, right or wrong, whatever it may be. Again, it continues to be a journey of awareness, and the subtleness of this attention continues to bring tenderness to this connection and relationship to all parts of myself. I am the ticket to my own liberation (freedom) and sovereignty... and I am a work in progress. :)

I am currently taking time away from work during this process. It was part of what simply came about at this time in my life, and I feel grateful that I have been granted this opportunity to step away from everything, to be able to experience my current life as it is now. 

My relationship with others continues to shift through this process. I'm observing the places where I have shifted and evolved the way in which I relate with others, and where I still may feel or hold barriers or reactions. Some of the biggest learning and awareness have been with my immediate family and recognizing patterns, beliefs, reactions that are still present, understanding the presence and origin, and recognizing how that expresses in the rest of my life. It also has brought more awareness to how I may relate differently with friends, teachers, acquaintances and those outside of my familial circle. Simply noticing the differences in how I relate, and how I wish to relate more consciously with others, be it family or not.

The sense of deepening in awareness, along with stepping back and witnessing, has had both subtle and large impacts on my personal life. In my current experience, I recognize through times of transition, change, unravelling and then re-building, and through truly being with oneself without avoidance is both a beautiful and rocky road. It's not particularly a new concept for me, rather, I am deepening into the reverence of this process, and experiencing the pendulum effect of letting go, and then resistance, from chaos to order, from entropy to syntropy, and catching myself in the humble middle space to be with it all; with myself and with others. It is showing me a simpler way to inner peace and a way to a more harmonious way of being. It feels like a relearning and experiencing life in new ways.

I am grateful for Caroline and The Soul Coach Training she offers. It is a gift to the world that showed up in my life, or perhaps, I showed up, at the aligned timing. Also, that this is a life evolution and I don't feel that I have "arrived" anywhere, but more that I am experiencing my life and my evolution every day with greater awareness. Thank you, Caroline!"