ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

MasterClass: Embodied Philosophy: Steadiness and Ease in Practice

Welcome curious explorer. 

In this Masterclass you will be guided through the process of connecting your mind, breath and the body through movement which creates an experience of both steadiness and ease within the pose of Warrior One.

Become a good steward of your body, mind & soul, and spark change in others.

Creating a new world with ancient wisdom for modern times.

If you feel called or a spark of interest in Yoga Teacher Training, we would like to offer a free Compass call with our Program Director. 

In this call you will discuss the program within context to your own yoga journey so that you can gain clarity around what it is that we offer and how we may be able to support you in this process so that you can make your decision with clarity and confidence.

Click this link to sign up for a free call with the Program Director.