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Yoga Teacher Training & Beyond at ClearBeing – 9 Month Program Fall 2022

Starts October 21, 2022
With Caroline Marie Dupont , Genya Klaiman, Simone Nitzan, Karusia Nirmala Wroblewski
If you want to teach or deepen your own yoga practice, join us on the path from novice to expert.

Creating a new world with ancient wisdom for modern times.

Our program sits on the foundation of the ancient art & science of Yoga with the intention of helping human beings in the 21st century to meet life & serve from fullness within the unique demands of these times.

We have crafted a curriculum that is as distinctive & comprehensive as the faculty who is delivering it. This program is open to both prospective teachers and those who wish to deepen their practice without teaching. Whether you decide to teach or not, your relationship with your being & life itself will be transformed by participating. 

In addition to meeting all the basic requirements of Yoga Alliance, our program aims for true excellence by incorporating additional study on Healing through Mindfulness, Personal and Professional Coaching, and The Business of Yoga. 

Practice in the beauty of Nature and experience directly the life-giving energy and support of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

It is essential to understand how movement functions anatomically and biomechanically when working with the body in motion. An emphasis will be placed on relational anatomy, building an understanding of how the body works together as one cohesive whole to create movement. Students will build an experiential understanding of the body feeling into their own anatomy to deepen their understanding and ability to communicate what is going on internally.

Experience the healing benefits of a daily meditation practice. 

You will have everything that you need to not only expand your yoga practice on a deeper level but to have the tools, skills and strategies needed to share your yoga passion with others.

Become a good steward of your body, mind & soul, and spark change in others.

Recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

My experience has been extremely positive.

My experience has been extremely positive. Physically, I have gained strength and the ability to listen carefully to my body to give it the right amount of exercise and rest. Emotionally, I have learned to identify how emotions affect my body, where they sit and how to modulate the affect they have on my body. The readings and in-class teaching have stimulated my mind and deepened my understanding of the breadth of yoga. Having the opportunity to understand and practice all components of a yoga lifestyle on a step-by-step basis has made the implementation into daily life more manageable. The course as a whole has guided me in my path towards a greater understanding of spirituality
Martha Binstock
Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Consultant


Bring out the best in others by cultivating the best in you.

The Techniques and Methodologies of Traditional Yoga and Modern Practices

What you will learn in this program:


Students will explore how to break down the asanas and movement sequences into digestible chunks making the postures more accessible to many people. Students will practice how to do the postures at each access point and study how to use props to support and deepen the experience of the posture. Postures will be grouped into families based on the actions required and the alignment of each asana. 

Putting together sequences that make sense from a functional anatomy standpoint is the focus here. Students will learn what movement requisites are necessary for each posture to understand how to build classes that feel good physically and mentally and allow the body and mind to move deeper into a state of yoga. 

It is essential to understand how movement functions anatomically and biomechanically when working with the body in motion. This course will have an online component that students will be able to revisit as many times as they need and serve as a reference for further study once the course is over. In the in-person section on anatomy, the focus will be on building an experiential understanding of movement and function so students can feel and teach yoga from their own experience of their bodies. 

Students will be introduced to Somatics, a mind-body modality that re-wires our nervous system for optimal suppleness and ease. This approach is invaluable for asana and meditation, as well as for healthy aging, and for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Movement Lab is a vital component of the YTT program. Students will take the theoretical skills they have been learning, and bring them to life through assessment, discussion, application and feedback. By working collaboratively to implement sequences that address dysfunctional movement patterns, they will have the opportunity to hone their individual skills and deepen their practical understanding of the therapeutic power of Yoga.

The teaching lab will offer teacher trainees a regular opportunity to consolidate and build on their teaching skills. Students will teach sequences to their colleagues under supervision and receive feedback.

Finding balance through the path of yoga includes both mind and body. We are eager to share how students can take their practice off their mats and into their lives. Students will study the more traditional aspects of the yoga practice such as meditation, mantra, chanting and chakra theories alongside how these practices can serve people in their modern lives.

Whether or not students plan on teaching yoga after completing this training, learning how to foster the inner teacher is critical to one’s development on the yoga path. We will focus on the who, what, why and how of teaching. Who are YOU that is the teacher, what are you teaching, why are you teaching it, and how will you do it? This section of the course will address using one’s voice, music, creating the setting, critical thinking, holding space and cultivating boundaries. Students will engage with their own self-study to clearly understand who they are as a teacher. 

Yoga is a practical philosophy meant to serve humanity and is thousands of years old. An exploration of the historical context of yoga will set the stage for studying ancient yoga philosophy texts and how they apply to their modern lives. Yoga ethics, the cultural appropriation of yoga, and what it means for us as contemporary practitioners will also be explored.

Key teachings from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras will introduce timeless wisdom on the nature of mind, its relationship to asana, and to the cultivation of inner peace. 

Become independent and attract clients compatible with what you have to offer. Refine your money blueprint to create the lifestyle you want as a Yoga Teacher. Discover the foundation of building lasting relationships with students. Fall in Love with the authentic marketing of your PASSION. And create a work/life balance reflective of your yogic values.

Cultivating a personal practice is critical for those who wish to share this practice with others. One must first be able to teach themselves before one teaches others. You will complete 20 hours of led and self-practice classes to cultivate your personal practice. 

What You Will Get With Your Program

Saturday & Sunday full-day weekend training sessions for 9 months

One-on-one Support & Mentoring with Faculty Member

2-Night Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Program manual, workbook and members page.

Access to ClearBeing Meditation System

Supplemental resources to support you to get the most out of this training.


Get the guidance of yoga masters to experience a transformation.

Simone is inspired by how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be applied to our lives in the modern world today. Hatha Yoga has the power to heal our over-stimulated nervous system with its multitude of practices, while yoga philosophy leads us to a more sustainable and positive lifestyle, grounded in love for ourselves, all beings and our beautiful planet.

Since the early 2000’s Simone has been studying the human body in movement. She has a bachelor’s degree in human kinetics and a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Most recently Simone became a Registered Massage Therapist and treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions alongside her yoga teaching practice.

Simone has been sharing her knowledge with aspiring yoga teachers since 2011 and blends her knowledge of western science, anatomy, and physiology with her experience in yogic philosophy. Simone is passionate about sharing these teachings and empowering others to access their best selves.

“My greatest interest is exploring the profound contribution of individual healing to relationship, family, community, planetary and global healing.”

Since the early 1980’s I’ve immersed myself in the ever expanding yet paradoxically ever simplified world of human health. I’m a certified yoga instructor, and a registered holistic nutritionist; I have a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and a black belt in the Nia Technique (a holistic movement form); I’ve trained and sat with a number of meditation and spiritual teachers including many extended silent retreats.

Over the past 30 years I’ve taught thousands of students, worked with hundreds of clients individually and developed numerous courses and retreats

Karusia Nirmala Wroblewski is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Living Somatics Movement Teacher (LSMT), and a registered Yoga Educator (E-RYT-500). She holds an Honours BFA in Modern Dance from York University, and is Toronto born and bred.

Yoga has been a major part of her life for over 55 years. She began with asana practice as a young girl, and was initiated into the inner practices of Yoga (pranayama, meditation and philosophy) by her beloved guru Baba Hari Dass in 1998. Yoga continues to teach and inform everything she does.

Over the last 21 years, Karusia has written and delivered curriculum in countless Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT’s). Her topics have been Experiential Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Psychology (most notably Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras), and Introduction to Yoga Therapy.

A lifelong learner, she is constantly looking for additional skills to help her support others more effectively. These include Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong (certified in Levels 1 and 2 by founder Daisy Lee) and Reiki 1 and 2 (with William Gekas). 

She has recently completed certification in Living Somatics, which is based on the discoveries of Thomas Hanna and Moishe Feldenkrais. Through slow and mindful movements that prioritize ease and comfort, it is possible to release deep-seated chronic stress patterns and to re-educate our nervous systems in the sweet direction of harmony.

Karusia is delighted to join the Clear Being team.

After completing kinesiology, Genya set out on a journey to discover the remarkable preventative and therapeutic qualities of Yoga.

Combining knowledge and experience gained in the past twenty years, he offers a highly integrated approach by fusing elements from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong. Genya has assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to him with a variety of health conditions and life challenges.

In addition, he is certified in several trainings including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage.

Support Staff

Zina has been practicing and exploring yoga since 2003. She has been introducing mindfulness, meditation and gentle movement to children at schools and daycares as an ECE and to adults at the yoga studio that she created with her husband Genya Klaiman. 

Zina has been trained as a yoga teacher, Soul Coach and Qigong facilitator in her journey to share wellness with others.

She is looking forward to sharing her gifts and love of Soul Coaching with the ClearBeing community.

Outside of ClearBeing I seek to guide souls to becoming the fullest expression of their BE-ing through Soul Coaching, meditation and breathwork facilitation and Human Design.

I feel that both within ClearBeing, and outside of it, I wear many hats and have many passions but most importantly, my favourite pursuit is one of learning, expanding and stepping into the fullest expression of my BE-ing.

I truly believe that the journey to purpose and fulfilment is not so much what we do but who we BE. That this path of BE-ing is paved through exploring our truth, becoming the embodiment of love and compassion, finding alignment to our soul and life purpose and ultimately BE-ing the fullest expressed versions of our soul.

This YTT program has affected my life in so many positive ways

This YTT program has affected my life in so many positive ways it’s truly difficult to be concise.
I feel both physically and emotionally stronger. The community that you have built and sustained brings warmth and happiness knowing such incredible people within the classes.
It has also led me to understand and appreciate the potential that yoga has for empowering people to control their minds through breathing, movement and meditation . For this reason I choose to continue my learning…
Siena DaCosta
School Principal

Training Dates & Time

           Our Yoga Teacher Training & Beyond @ ClearBeing will be hosted October 21, 2022-June 11, 2023

Saturday & Sunday (once a month): 9:00am – 5:30pm

There will be 3 additional Friday sessions added to the training weekends (dates listed on Dates & Times page)

Teacher Training Yoga Retreat: March 24-26 2023 from Friday 3pm to Sunday 3pm

2-Night Meditation & Yoga Retreat

A 2-night meditation and yoga retreat is an integral part of our program.

Held primarily in silence, the format enables us to take a deep dive into clarifying the pathways between body & spirit and maturing our experience of the art & science of Yoga through embodied understanding.

The retreat will begin & end with a ceremonial Fire Circle.

Days will be made up of guided & silent meditation, yoga and other movement, sacred song and chant, Circles, walks in Nature, rest and free time. Our chef will be serving whole-foods plants-based meals with produce from our gardens.

Retreats have always been a potent environment
to let ourselves fall into
the grace & beauty
of present moment awareness
to give our beings the opportunity to let go
of physical, mental and emotional tensions
that are interfering with our capacity
to experience peace & well-being as a constant in our lives.

Recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“This program has given me the knowledge and tools to teach both online and offline”

After practicing yoga for 15 years, I decided to deepen my knowledge of the subject and open to new horizons in both my personal life and career. I enrolled in a Yoga Teachers Training course and I found it to be a deeply rewarding experience. It filled in many gaps in my knowledge, especially in the area of anatomy and functional movement. I also came in contact with aspects of yoga that I had a tendency to shun as part of my personal practice, which had a wonderful enriching effect on my yoga practice.

Most importantly, I received a sense of what it’s like to teach yoga to others. The YTT program has given me the knowledge and the tools to teach both online and offline and has enabled me to start ModernTechYoga, where I teach yoga to people in the technology space.
Kirill Berlin 
Technical Program Manager and a founder of ModernTechYoga



The ClearBeing Centre is located on 32 acres in the Happy Valley area of King City, Ontario, Canada.

We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of conservation land, water & trails. With love, respect and thanks, we acknowledge that we are stewards of the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe & Wendat people.

When we’re deeply committed to our soul’s path, regular time dedicated to deep listening lights our way.

What’s Included with ClearBeing Yoga Teacher Training

  • 9 months of weekend training (Sat & Sun)
  • 2 Night Meditation & Yoga Weekend Retreat
  • Program manual & workbook
  • Member’s page with Resources

Added Bonuses

Pre-Recorded Yoga Videos

A members page where you will have access to pre-recorded yoga videos to explore and deepen your yoga practice.

Personal Support & Mentoring with Faculty

You will be given practical steps that you can begin to implement immediately to help prepare and support your YYT journey.

ClearBeing Meditation System

The ClearBeing Meditation System includes 21 meditations centering on a variety of topics that will help you to start or deepen your practice.

ClearBeing Primer Courses

Explore your empathic nature as a great gift that is meant to guide you to your most beautiful life.

Re-awaken your connection to soul and empower moment to moment effortless self-care.

Re-awaken your connection to soul and empower consistent, effortless, nourishing, authentic & meaningful choices.

Integrate powerful spiritual perspectives into your practice with clients.

“Be a part of an exciting new upgrade in Yoga Teacher Training.”


Here is what is included with your registration:

  • 9 live in person weekend training sessions
  • 2 night in person yoga and meditation weekend retreat
  • A member’s page with supportive resources
  • Multiple pre-recorded yoga & movement videos to explore and deepen your practice
  • Five pre-recorded home study Soul Coach Primer Courses + The ClearBeing Meditation System
  • Personal ongoing support and mentoring throughout program by faculty
  • Printed manual and workbook


Please read over our terms and conditions which includes our refund policy before purchasing

There is an additional fee for accommodation for yoga and meditation retreat which will range $460-$720 depending on choice of accommodation

Single Payment

$4000 + HST one-time payment


Flexible, 0% interest payment plan

$444 + HST/month for 9 months

Request Details

If you have questions, book a compass call with our Program Director to discuss your unique yoga journey so that you can make your decision with clarity and confidence.

By filling in this form you recognize that your information will be used by ClearBeing to contact you in regards to this program.

Recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

I truly feel that it is such a powerful and transformative tool.

The program not only met but exceeded all of my expectations. Learning about the physical body, as well as the spiritual and emotional body has helped me to develop a deep appreciative understanding of yoga as a whole. I was able to make meaningful connections between my own practice and the new knowledge that I gained. The teachers were exemplary in their delivery of the course material and each challenging experience was met with understanding and encouragement. This process has allowed me to develop a deeper connection with yoga and to fully appreciate its significance in my life.
Leanda Miler