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Anchoring in Presence within Rapidly Shifting Emotional States – Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Dear fellow empath,
This is a very gentle practice and I hope you’re inspired to follow along.
My prayer is that you recognize that that it feels good to feel & to be fully alive, and that your sensitivity is a gift that can be welcomed as a source of mature perspective & loving understanding.

As empaths we can come to the point where we’re sincerely able to say: “I’m happy to feel with you because I can.”

Transform sensitivity into the gift that it is.

If you would like to deepen your exploration of this essential part of your being, Caroline has recorded a 4-part online course that you can do at home at your own pace.  Each session includes a guided meditation so that the teachings can be embodied in a personal & authentic way. You will learn practices that can be incorporated into your daily living, in addition to an approach to inner awareness tailored to empaths.

Because you registered for the Masterclass, I have a special gift for you!

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