ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

Zina Klaiman Kolobov

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach

Zina has had a long and interesting journey in her career and personal life. She graduated as an Industrial Manager in her twenties and worked in Accounting for many years. Before immigrating to Canada, Zina and her husband, Genya, travelled around the world and explored exotic places. In her thirties she switched careers and became an Early Childhood Educator in the education field including at the Toronto Waldorf School.

In the meantime, Zina and her husband opened a yoga studio in Richmond Hill and she graduated as a Yoga Teacher and Soul Coach. 

Zina is a mother of three amazing children with whom she loves to spend time in nature, explore new places, and have fresh adventures.

She is passionate about a community in which like-minded souls come together in nature to share their experiences, values, and perspectives. She loves to practice Qigong, yoga, guitar, singing, and drawing.

She is looking forward to sharing her gifts and love of soul coaching with the ClearBeing community.