ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

Brett Sanger

Nature Connection Guide + MovNat Instructor

We are not separate from nature or each other, and the way forward is Love.

I grew up in Caledon, Ontario and have always spent a lot of time in nature. Mountain biking, camping, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and playing. As early as I can remember, I was outside all year round.

I began my adult life as a high achieving sales professional in technical fields from telecom, to custom design-build construction materials, to software and marketing technologies. Along the way I started to feel that something was missing, and my inner calling to pursue work that was focused more on making a difference than making a profit was getting louder and louder until it could no longer be ignored. So I quit.

As I took time to reinvent myself and rediscover not only who but HOW I wanted to be in this life, I found that outside of my many hours of reading, learning, and practising, an incredible amount of my personal healing and integration happened while I was spending time in nature. Reconnecting to my inner child, my sense of wonder, play, and awe, and my growing connection with the forests, the land, and the elements became my most powerful assets in my mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and transformation.

I was introduced to Forest Therapy by a friend and rock climbing partner of mine who had recently been certified as a guide. The next time we went out to climb together she looked straight into my eyes and said “Brett, you are already doing this, have intuitively unlocked so much healing and insight for yourself through this practice, and you are already so good at sharing it that… I think I may have found YOUR calling” So I started to research Forest Therapy as an established, research backed practice and decided to apply for a training program.

I was accepted into and studied with the Global Institute of Forest Therapy, completed my six month mentorship and practicum, and received my certification as a Forest Therapy Guide in early 2022. I also have trained and hold certifications in Professional Life Coaching, Happiness Life Coaching, Mindfulness Practitioner training (Levels I, II, III, and Master), Permaculture Design, and Reiki Level I. 

My focus is now to shine my light to help guide others along this purposeful path of connection. Mine is a heart-centered path of service where I use my deep presence and natural ability to hold space along with Forest Therapy, meditation, and embodiment practices to help light the way and guide my fellow humans into new ways of perceiving, Being, and showing up in life.