ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Sylvia Mroczkowski
"What drew me to enrolling was the call for connection to something deeper within so that I may feel a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing. 

The primary changes in perspectives that I’ve noticed in my life are greater capacity for awareness, compassion, trust in myself and others. 

What I’ve noticed in terms of my relationship with myself since taking the course is a greater sense of meaning and purpose. I feel curious and open in the exploration of my personal journey and I feel better equipped in creating a safe space for others to explore theirs. 

My relationship with others shifted with this training through my increased ability to trust and let go of trying to control details. By bringing light to my attachments I feel more opportunity to welcome presence. In turn, I feel lighter, less anxious and have greater opportunity for enriching, open, and heartfelt experiences. 

One of the biggest impacts the training has made on my personal life is my increased capacity to feel supported within and around my being.

I’d also like to share that the sense of feeling connected and grounded has made a profound impact on my life. With the gentle guidance facilitated throughout the course, I have unearthed the effortlessness and inclusion bringing awareness to presence cultivates. It’s has been incredibly liberating to better recognize the infinite space that supports my being.

Through the course I have learned to better embrace the intelligence of my ever-evolving body, respect the same in others and welcome greater intuitive information and support from the soul. 

I feel immense gratitude for Caroline and the safe space she creates for connection, compassion and awareness. The connections I’ve made throughout the course, within myself and with others have been truly transformative."