ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Paul Galloro
Sunbeam dancing through life
"I enrolled for the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training because I've always admired Caroline's teaching and coaching style. Another thing that really drew me to the program and being a Soul Coach, in general, is the idea that we're here to support our clients in healing themselves. As a trained personal trainer and Yoga Therapist, I always operated under the notion that I was simply here to show my clients/students another way of doing things so they can eventually do it on their own and live a soul-led life. The primary shift in my perspective, that I'm noticing, is just allowing things to be. My past experience was always feeling something uncomfortable inside and then immediately rearranging my entire life so that feeling would go away. It usually ended up with me starting things and never finishing them. Now, when I notice certain feelings arise within me, I observe as the "fixer" tries to come in and fix everything. Now I sit back and watch what happens and let it unfold naturally. It's liberating and also quite transformational. I noticed I'm a lot more aware of myself and a lot more compassionate towards myself since taking the course. No longer am I shaming or belittling myself for things I've done or am currently doing. Now I see it all within me as a message and an opportunity to bring more love and compassion into my life. I feel a lot more sure of who I am and have much more confidence in my abilities, both personally and professionally. I finally feel like I'm standing powerfully and comfortably in my truth and in my heart in relation to my work. I'm a lot more accepting of people these days. I now see my relationships for what they are, not how I want them to be, and it's making me a much more gentle person and I'm much more compassionate towards others. I also notice things are coming to me much more quickly now, whether it's something I need, want, or am trying to avoid. It's like I think it, and poof it's there. It's making me even more aware of the importance of presence so that my thoughts stay positive and create a more joyful life. This program is exactly what I've been looking for in a training. Aside from the wealth of knowledge Caroline shares in each module, what I really love is the amount of practice and experience this training offers. I've attended many workshops and trainings and we often spent more time talking about what to do than actually doing it. This training has us put everything into practice right away and understand ways we can apply this work to our everyday lives, not only when we're in meditation or a soul coaching session. This has been such an amazing experience for me!"