ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Jordan Bokser, Entrepreneur and Coach
“I’m now able to say NO to what doesn't serve me.”
Before working with Genya, I thought I was in a good place. On the surface life seemed good, I had a good-paying job. I was in a relationship and I felt like I had it all figured out. 

However, after the first sessions with Genya, I started to see the masks that were there and I was able to look under the "hood" of my life to realize I was petrified of the unknown and deep down didn't feel worthy of love or success. This lack of worthiness showed up in many places in my life. I was constantly comparing myself to others while feeling like an imposter anytime I did succeed. My life also lacked structure and discipline.  I kept going from teacher to teacher, coach to coach. I would do the surface work but I wouldn't go deep. 

The biggest gift Genya has given me is the gift of trusting myself and making me see myself as the true being that I am. He also has given me the gift of being able to say NO to what doesn't serve me. My life is calmer, My mission feels bigger yet achievable, and I have stopped playing the comparison game. Life overall has a sweeter taste to it.