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Ashima Suneja-Chauhan
Naturopathic Doctor
"I enrolled in the ClearBeing Soul Coaching Training program when I was undergoing a lot of upheavals personally and professionally - I felt like a lot of my past traumas were surfacing and I needed to immerse myself in a different program after meditating for years. My life has not changed, but my perspective on life certainly has!  I am able to muster the strength to storm the weather - whatever it may be.  With a full plate of work, children and many losses, I feel I can connect with myself and others at a subtler, deeper level - one of calm, and knowing that all will be ok ultimately!  My relationship with others has improved and I am approaching situations with less fear - the trauma has not disappeared, nor will it ever, but it weighs much less in my being and I suspect as I continue to be a ClearBeing, it will continue to weigh less.  I have used the techniques that I have been trained in with my patients, and the results are profound - there is calm that is ensuing all around! Thank you Caroline for all that you are doing - this is one of the most useful techniques in my toolkit! "