ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Art McDonald
Manager, Fitness, Lifestyle and Customer Service & Yoga Teacher at ClearBeing
I came into the program with a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I presumed I had a basic knowledge of Yoga. ‘Stretching and posing’, right? My goodness was I wrong. I had no idea about the depth of life philosophy, physical conditioning and so much more that came with the ‘and Beyond’ portion of the program. I had not taken Yoga classes prior to the program. I came in as a newcomer but left feeling as confident as those that have been doing yoga for decades.

The guidance we received provided me with the confidence to start teaching yoga months before the program officially concluded. I was able to hit the ground running as an instructor once we were certified. I continue to learn. I’m inspired to learn for the rest of my life. I’m also filled with joy every time I’m able to share experiences, postures, wisdom and space with students seeking my assistance as an instructor. 

The quality with which I’m able to help has increased exponentially due to what I’ve learned through the YTT and Beyond Program. I’ve learned remarkable and unexpected life skills.