ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Ariel Benavidez, Coach & Experiential Curator
“I am now living a life that has brought harmony to my mind, heart, body, and soul.”
Genya is a special soul. From the moment I met him, I felt my path would unfold in ways I never before thought possible. Beyond all his teachings, his wisdom, his practical advice, and his motivation the greatest value I’ve gained is the experience of having Presence modeled for me. 

I’ve read all the books, I’ve done all the courses, and I’ve gone to all the classes…but the process of sitting and spending time with someone who is a living embodiment of presence cannot be boxed up and packaged, it has to be felt!

Before working with Genya I was lost with no sense of direction. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted and so all my efforts felt meaningless and all my suffering felt unbearable. 

My biggest barrier was my inability to translate my ‘knowing’ into ‘doing’. And through working with Genya he’s taught me that by learning to ‘be’ the ‘doing’ will happen naturally.