ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario
Andrea Driedger
wife, mother, educator, holistic nutritionist
"I was drawn to the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training for my own personal growth. I have struggled with perfectionism, body image issues and feeling comfortable in myself for a long time, and in the last two years, it became very evident to me that I was not present in my own life a lot of the time. I wanted to learn about soul coaching for my own personal growth and to incorporate it into my holistic nutrition business that I’m just starting. I’ve noticed that I’m much more present and calm in my life. I am noticing things I’ve never noticed before; such as the beauty of the flowers and the sky when I’m out walking. I enjoy what I’m doing, rather than thinking about or anticipating what is coming next. I’ve slowed down,  I’m doing less, and I’m working on being more compassionate with myself and not so critical. I’m also more present in my relationships. I stop what I’m doing when speaking to my husband and children and I tune into how they are feeling. I am a better listener. I am a teacher and I’ve found that I’m much calmer with my students and I’m not in so much of a rush to get to a particular task – it’s more important to take the time to get grounded so that they are ready for learning. I also tune into the energy in the room and adjust my plans as necessary. This course has been invaluable for me. It’s made me think about my relationship with myself and others in a different way. It’s challenged me. It’s made me present in my body and allowed me to open to feelings that I haven’t opened to before. I’m very grateful to you, Caroline, and to the others in the course whom I’ve connected with."