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Soul Coach Training

Starts March 1, 2022 @ 7 to 8.30 EST
With Caroline Marie Dupont

Bring out the best in others by cultivating the best in you.

A ClearBeing trained Soul Coach is an individual dedicated to living a soul-guided life knowing that this is how we spark transformation in others and contribute to global healing.
The next 10-month training begins on March 1st, 2022.

What is a ClearBeing Soul Coach?

The soul already exists in its full glory.

We are simply helping our deepest wisdom to reveal itself by allowing those parts that no longer serve us (beliefs, patterns and suppressed emotions & energies) to rise into our awareness within the context of a conscious meeting of 2 (or more) people. That which will not be needed for our ongoing journey will naturally free itself in this environment, revealing perspectives and guidance from more evolved versions of ourselves.

The ClearBeing Soul Coach tools are a unique blend of dialogue, emotional & energy awareness, navigating the shared field, guided & interactive meditation, spiritual counselling & intuitive guidance

Caroline Marie Dupont

Co-Founder, Spiritual Director, Teacher, Soul Coach
My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.
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Who is the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training for?

  • Add a Soul-oriented approach to your current practice. 
  • Guide clients to address stress in their lives. 
  • Develop your innate spiritual and intuitive gifts.
  • Sense and support your child’s energy field.
  • Explore and unfold your Soul agreements.
  • Access the best in you to bring out the best in your child.
  • Transform sensitivity into the gift that it is. 
  • Read energy fields as a source of valuable information.
  • Learn to feel deeply and remain energized. 
  • Become familiar with and learn to care for the shared field.
  • Navigate personal and relational transitions with greater ease.
  • Access your authentic wisdom and voice within intimate relationships.
  • Start a Soul Coach practice (in person or online) or add it to your current offerings.
  • Lead meditation classes, Circles and workshops with Soul-oriented perspectives.
  • Change the world one Soul at a time, starting with your own.
  • Guide others to access the curiosity and willingness to look within.
  • Uplift family, social and work life to a more meaningful level.
  • Harness the power of intuitive knowing to spark transformation in others.
  • Connect with your individual students on a soul level  to bring out their unique contributions and receive as much as you give.
  • Feel the shared field of the group you’re teaching to enhance collective evolution and foster creativity & community.
  • Experience the aliveness of the flow state that teaching is meant to be.
  • Connect to the innate intelligence that consistently orients you to body and soul supportive choices
  • Develop your capacity to hear ongoing communication from your body around what it needs.
  • Break free of confusion by learning to trust intuitive nutritional and health related guidance.
  • Tend to the emotional and energetic root causes of poor lifestyle choices.

“Remember, remember, remember all-ways that wherever you feel stuck & challenged is where the soul’s gold is.
Let Life take you deeper!
PS. It’s also where you feel touched by beauty & goodness.”

Caroline Marie Dupont

The ClearBeing Soul Coach approaches & tools can be divided into 2 primary applications.

Subtle Soul Coaching

  • This is the inner work that we as Soul Coach practitioners do within the shared energy field, possibly without the other person knowing it. It can have profound and far-reaching effects on how we perceive others, how we relate to them, and directly affects the healing of the ‘other’ and ultimately the healing of the world by elevating consciousness.
  • Subtle Soul Coach practices include learning ways of relating with our family members and friends that encourage transparency and hold the evolution of each person as the highest aspiration.
  • Depending on the readiness of friends and family, some of the Formal Soul Coach practices could also be applied.
  • With practice, subtle Soul Coach perspectives will naturally come forth at work, at home and within our social life.
  • If you teach groups, you will learn how to sense the shared field of the group that you are leading and use it to inform your teaching, opening you to creativity, creating a sense of aliveness in your classes, and enabling you to better meet the needs of the group. This could be particularly helpful for yoga, movement and meditation teachers, workshop leaders, as well as school teachers.

Formal Soul Coaching

  • This is when clients approach us for our Soul Coach services, usually as a private session.
  • Clients come to us needing clarity and guidance within various life challenges: health, relationships, career, difficult emotional states, etc.
  • We use tools like dialogue, guided & silent meditation, energy awareness, transparent communication, sensing the shared field, teaching and more, to expose and release outdated beliefs, liberate unintegrated emotions, give new perspectives on life challenges, and put our clients directly in touch with their authentic values & expression, and the radiant guidance of their deepest self.
  • Formal Soul Coaching tools & principles can also be beautifully layered into your existing practice as a holistic health practitioner, therapist or counsellor.

He learned from the river continually. Above all, he learned from it how to listen, to listen with a still heart, with a waiting open soul, without passion, without desire, without judgement, without opinions

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Program Components & Objectives

With four Core Teaching Modules, Mentorship Circles, and other course components, you will integrate your learning, deepen your understanding, and mature as a Soul Coach.

  • Expand awareness to include multiple ways of knowing to access the full extent of your Being’s intelligence.
  • Awaken the curiosity and willingness to turn within for authentic guidance in the midst of your humanity.
  • Fall more readily into Presence, the ever-available source of well-being and evolving perspectives, choices and actions.
  • Become more comfortable in the territories of the sensory world of the body, feelings and emotions in order to open to the realm of the soul.
  • Become familiar with energy medicine, and use your deepening understanding to touch into the true source of healing.
  • Learn to cooperate with the fundamental intelligence of energy movement in order to harmonize with the inherent goodness of Life’s Way. 
  • Read energy fields as a source of valuable information about yourself, others, healing, and the soul’s journey.
  • Develop your innate spiritual and intuitive gifts as a person and healing professional.
  • Become familiar with shared fields and learn to harvest the gifts of self-knowledge and love within any relationship.
  • Experience the profound benefits of consistently tending to the most important relationship, that with yourself, through meticulous self-study in the midst of external relationships.
  • Apply the shared field principles to relationships with partners, family, friends, clients, as well as non-human relationships (substances, your body, money, food, etc.) and experience greater peace, acceptance and wisdom.
  • Explore the evolution of soul-centered relationships in order to replace perfectionism with humanity, disconnection with intimacy, pain with well-being, and isolation with oneness.
  • Develop a sense of awareness of soul assignments as they come and go: recognizing them, opening to the maturation that’s possible, letting outdated patterns dissolve, and embracing the new versions of yourself that surface.
  • Balance structure and freedom through heightened intuitive alignment and harmonize with the soul’s momentum.
  • Deepen your understanding of psychology, the mind, and emotions in order to orient yourself towards more consistent, body- and soul-supportive choices.
  • Explore ‘purpose’ and ‘taking the one seat’ in the context of moment to moment awareness.
  • An added bonus for entrepreneurs: Your ‘business’ has a soul too. Learn to apply ClearBeing Soul Coach principles to connect with the soul of your business to nurture its growth with creativity, heartfulness, and ease.
  • 8 live 90-minute video conferencing sessions, mentorship, and Q & A with senior graduates of the program.
  • Deepen self-knowledge in the context of the teachings through Interactive Meditation Circles.
  • Witness Soul Coach-based interactions with participants.
  • Circles will be scheduled for various times throughout the week TBA. Join the one that’s most convenient for you.
  • Audio and video recordings of each online session will be accessible on your member’s page for re-listening or in case you have to miss a session.
  • Separate audio files of guided meditations will be available for easy access.
  • One individual Soul Coaching session with Caroline (in person or via phone/zoom) is included with your registration
  • Additional sessions with senior graduates are available by appointment
  • Pre-recorded teachings on core soul coaching principles will be posted prior to each module.
  • Four restorative movement videos (1 per module) will be posted to help you to embody the teachings.
  • You will have the option of being matched with other participants to meet weekly or bi-weekly, and explore the teachings & practices together.
  • It is highly recommended that you join a study group in order to integrate the course material.
  • You are encouraged to work with practice clients and these can will be discussed during the live sessions.
  • Soul Coaching trainees will be supported in developing and maintaining an ongoing home meditation practice.
  • The ClearBeing Meditation System (21 guided meditations led by Caroline) will be posted on your member’s page.
  • Any guided meditations from the live sessions will be posted as separate files on your member’s page.
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the training.

Testimonials From Graduates

Here is what is included with your registration:

  • 24 live 90-minute classes
  • 2 virtual weekend retreats
  • 8 Mentorship Circles + a private session
  • Study groups
  • A member’s page with all course materials + resources and suggested reflections for journaling
  • Video and audio recordings for all online gatherings
  • Separate audio files for all guided meditations
  • 8 pre-recorded talks on key ClearBeing principles
  • Four pre-recorded home study Soul Coach Primer Courses + The ClearBeing Meditation System
  • Discounts on various ClearBeing offerings
  • Ongoing support from Caroline and senior soul coach graduates

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Scholarships/financial assistance is available for this program. Email to inquire.

Single Payment

$3,600 + HST one-time


$360 + HST/month for 10 months

Frequently Asked Questions

ClearBeing Soul Coaching is a direct path to peace and health that was born and continues to develop intuitively through our founder Caroline Marie Dupont, and the many people who have been called to this orientation towards a good life and authentic service.  

From Caroline:
“When my children were born I knew that what I wanted most for them was to blossom as their authentic selves. Although I realize now in retrospect that I had always been very empathic, as a novice energy worker I began to see that my relationships with my children were often bringing up challenging feelings in me. I guess it was their innocence that made me see that surely what was being brought to the surface was about me and not them. Thankfully, I intuitively realized that they were helping to show me where my energy field was contracted as a result of past experiences and that my attention needed to be on finding ways to integrate these areas rather than trying to change my children.

I sensed that the areas of dense energy were a complex of beliefs, emotions and physical tension that had formed as my best possible response to life in my early years. It was also clear that they were like shrouds over my soul which I longed to know and live from. I was being encouraged to seek out practices that would help the densities to release. This orientation would be the key to freedom and joy.

Later I began to notice the same phenomenon with my nutrition and energy work clients. I could feel what I call the shared field not only in our sessions but also through email correspondence and phone calls, and even when I simply thought about them. Again, I was curious about how clearing these dense energies on my end through various practices and lifestyle habits would affect the relationship with my clients, my capacity to guide them and their healing impulse.I began to realize that all of my relationships, even those who came to me for healing were ultimately about me returning to my own inborn wholeness. Not only was I the one who was healing, it became clear that this was the most powerful way to influence the healing of others.”

There need not be a concrete reason for joining us and the soul’s language is beyond the realm of the logical mind. It often registers in the sensory body as an internal yes which feels like an opening and sense of inner aliveness & brightness. 

This is a normal feeling that most if not all people experience. Once you have connected to a strong desire to immerse yourself in the journey, you will find that comfort levels with myself and the other participants increases. Although there is an open invitation to share your awakenings and questions so that we can learn from each other, you are encouraged to let yourself open up in your own time, gently & naturally.

This is another common (maybe universal!) human belief that is part of the programming that began the day the conditioned beings raising us told us (subtly & not so subtly) that we needed to be better or different in some way. My sense is that if you’re called, then you belong, and are welcome! Everyone is invited to come exactly as they and each person contributes their unique gifts to the group.

The fundamentals of a soul-guided life are innate, so the intention of the teachings is to question the premises of a conditioned life in order to let the soul’s intelligence shine through. Once you have plugged into the soul’s voice more consistently and experience the impact on your own life, you will find it quite natural to guide others both in subtle and formal ways.

No one is turned away for lack of funds. There are scholarships and payments plans available if necessary.

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