ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

Food at ClearBeing

This is how we express our love:
We’re uncompromising when it comes to quality.
Ingredients are organic, whole, fresh, grown in our gardens or locally when possible.
Virtually everything we serve is made from scratch

Shouldn’t the food you eat love you back?

Our approach to food, nutrition and healing is deeply impacted by the lived experience and intuitive explorations of Caroline Dupont, who has been passionately immersed in all things food & healing related for close to 35 years. She has taught for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 25 years, written 4 books on nutrition, led dozens of cleanses, and taught hundreds of cooking classes to thousands of students.

Nourishing & delicious plant-based meals are served at ClearBeing, featuring food from our gardens and emphasizing whole, local & living foods. Consciously chosen & prepared foods support our lives in every possible way, and contribute significantly to the highest expression of body & soul.

The menus are based on the seasons and the intentions of the events: spiritual retreats, cleanses, celebrations, and more. We are happy to adjust to our guests’ needs. We include the Medical Medium body of work & teachings in our approach to food & healing.

Focus on Whole, Local & Living Foods

Our meals are supplied with fresh foods, some from our own gardens emphasizing whole, local & living foods.

Whole, Organic, Plant-Based Food Meals

We serve whole, organic, low-fat, plant-based food, with an emphasis on living foods. All of our dishes are dairy-, egg-, soy-, corn-, and gluten free.

Examples of Meals