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WORLD Meditation

All are welcome to join

Saturday February 26th from 11 am to noon EST

World Meditation was inspired by a desire to bring community together in times of social and political unrest in our beautiful country and beyond.

They’re an opportunity to feel the power of relational fields, and to support each other and all beings in integrating the personal and collective feelings that get activated in the midst of national and world events.

Whether you agree or disagree with what you’re seeing and reading in social media or on the news, whether you’re excited, hopeful, scared or discouraged, your experience matters and is welcome!

In the spirit of unity we can come together, lay politics and personal views aside, and open to the deeper truths & gifts that are available to us. 

These community meditations are never about taking sides or advancing a particular view or agenda. They’re about settling into Presence together, humbly opening to the collective consciousness, making our mighty feeling bodies available to integrate & liberate shared energies & emotions (and automatically their related beliefs) and evolving individually & together.

I have no doubt that it takes a relatively small number of people to shift the energy of large populations towards greater love & freedom for all.

You, dear readers, are such a goldmine of Presence, and I hope you can join us for this community meditation to open to our deepest wisdom & understanding, and add that to the collective consciousness.

It’s a great contribution.

Caroline Marie Dupont

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach
My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.
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Make sure your audio stays off.
Turn on your camera if desired.
Arrive when you can, stay as long as you can.

The event is finished.


Feb 26 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Caroline Marie Dupont


Caroline Marie Dupont

Spiritual Director, Teacher, Soul Coach

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