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FREE MASTERCLASS – From confusion to clarity: body led peace & health with food

Thursday, April 13th from 7 to 8 pm EST

The way to your unique best approach to food & healing is available now and every moment.

As we shift from a disease-oriented perspective to one of trust & cooperation with nature & the body we are offered the ultimate gift of immersing ourselves in a deep relationship with Life itself, with what is possible for us as individuals and humanity when we’re truly alive. This is not just possible for some, but all beings. Those of us who have struggled with our health and known deep suffering are actually more open vessels for this in-pouring of wellbeing.

Please join us for a free MasterClass…

From confusion to clarity:
body led peace & health with food

w/ Caroline Marie Dupont, M.Sc., RHN
Co-founder of ClearBeing
Faculty @ the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 25 years
Author of 4 books on Nutrition & Healing

Thursday April 13th from 7 to 8 pm

We’re living in fertile and exciting times with respect to the relationship between the food we eat and our body’s capacity to thrive and support beautiful lives. This may seem like a questionable statement in the midst of a pandemic of ongoing confusion & struggle around food, our bodies, and the state of our health.

On the one hand technology and these quickening times are giving us access to truly helpful guidance from sincere people and on the other, dangerous misinformation abounds, often driven by ignorance and greed, and gets passed around like a hot potato from one ‘expert’ to the next.

We have an unprecedented variety of the highest quality healing foods from local farms and all corners of the globe available to us, amidst an endless array of packaged poison that is being peddled to us as nourishment.

We’re putting billions of dollars into healthcare and although lives might be getting a little longer there is increasing suffering along the way from symptoms and diseases that science and medicine name but don’t understand the true causes.

With stark contradictions come tremendous collective breakthroughs and evolution!

The good news is that the way to clarity is through YOU!

  • YOU can reconnect with your body and the guidance that is part of it’s innate operating system.
  • YOU can learn to read the signals for what foods work for you and which do not.
  • YOU can learn to ride the waves of the mysterious process of healing with trust and integrity.
  • YOU can engage your truth meter to orient towards practitioners and approaches that are truly helpful.
  • YOU can plug into effortless inspiration & motivation to consistently care for your body & soul.

Please join us for this online gathering where my hope is that we collectively deepen into the powerful & sacred contract between our body & soul.

My intention is for us to access strength, inspiration & clarity.

Caroline Marie Dupont

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach
My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.
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We’re at a crucial turning point in our collective evolution where more and more of us will get to experience the glorious ease and ‘at home-ness’ that is possible in a human body. 

I’ll also be introducing The Nutritional Rebirth, a 9-day community cleanse (that you do from home) that starts April 22nd.


Thursday April 13th @ 7pm EST

via Zoom

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Apr 13 2023


7:00 pm
Caroline Marie Dupont


Caroline Marie Dupont

Spiritual Director, Teacher, Soul Coach

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