ClearBeing Centre • King City, Ontario

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitators Level 1 Training

The breath is the gateway to all aspects of your life.

A comprehensive and unique curriculum that combines in person training with online learning to teach you all that you need to know to get started using and teaching Breathwork in a powerful way.

A combined Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Training + ClearBeing Experience

The next Level 1 training begins July 16th + 17th 2022

Uncover your body’s natural powers of breath and movement.

You will learn how to:

  • create your own breathwork music playlist
  • hold one on one sessions
  • hold space for people to create a contained environment that supports breakthrough experiences
  • build your own community
  • launch a breathwork business
  • facilitate an entire Elemental Rhythm Breathwork experience

Format of Certification for Level 1

In Person Training at ClearBeing Retreat Center

July 16 & 17 from 9 am – 3pm

An intimate weekend in person training workshop hosted at ClearBeing by Genya Kaiman.

Online Training Facilitated with Elemental Rhythm Breathwork

6 weeks online classes Tuesday at 8 pm

The remainder of the program is hosted online through zoom.

Breathwork Facilitators + Trainers

“My story starts on Sakhalin island in the Russian Far East, closer to Japan than Moscow. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous nature where I was evolving as a future MovNat coach. I was climbing trees and doing gymnastics on huge boulders as a kid. And the best part of growing up in the communist region was to have any access to sports activity for FREE!!! So I’ve been trained in a wide variety of sport styles, from shooting to gymnastics. 

When I was young I was always fascinated to bring my friends along with me to try sports and stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Later, when I was 18, my family moved to Israel where I discovered my deep passion for teaching clients how to make their bodies stronger and more resilient. But I always felt that there was something missing. Spirituality is what connected my fitness experience with what I teach today.

After completing Kinesiology in 2003, I set out on a journey to discover the mind-body-spirit benefits of yoga. Combining the knowledge of experience gained in the past 20 years, I offer a highly integrative approach by fusing elements from Functional Movement, Breathwork, and Soul Coaching.

In my sessions, I invite clients to acknowledge and honor their own unique needs and intentions. This experience of ‘self-sensing’ and ‘self-awareness’ becomes a tool that I encourage students to apply in their daily life.

As a coach and therapist, I have assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to me with a variety of health conditions and life changes.”

“Elemental is a force of nature, simple yet powerful like the breath and Awakening is the process of waking up or become aware.

Our intention is to share this amazing experience with as many people as possible and also teach people how to breathe properly on a daily basis. To help people feel alive and live more vibrant lives mentally, emotionally and physically.

This program consists of the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience which is a 90 minute experience that brings the participant through movement, breathing, guided meditation, sound, smells and touch all the senses to take them to places not easily accessible to the average person.

 The ERB Experience, creates a container conducive to breakthrough type experiences.

Through guided facilitation the participant can release emotions, gain clarity, release stress, get insights and so much more!”

About ClearBeing

The ClearBeing Centre is located on 32 acres in the Happy Valley area of King City, Ontario, Canada.

We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of conservation land, water & trails. With love, respect and thanks, we acknowledge that we are stewards of the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe & Wendat people. Come visit us for ongoing classes, community events, day programs & retreats.

Our facility was originally built in 1961 and has recently been renovated into a beautiful retreat center that can accommodate 16 people for overnight stays and 50 people for in person day events.

ClearBeing Retreat Experience

There will be two options to those interested in this in person training.

Elemental Rhythm Training Experience

  • In person training at ClearBeing (Sat + Sun)
  • 6 weeks of online learning and support
  • Complimentary access to ClearBeing trails
  • Optional: Add on meals package
  • Optional: Complimentary Banya Experience (Saturday Evening)

Full Immersive ClearBeing Experience

  • In person training at ClearBeing (Sat + Sun)
  • 6 weeks of online learning and support
  • Nutritious meals for the weekend (6 meals) *will be dependent on total numbers*
  • Accommodation in one of our rooms at ClearBeing retreat center
  • Complimentary access to ClearBeing trails
  • Optional: Complimentary Banya Experience (Saturday Evening)


Learning not only how to teach the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience, but also the power of our breath on our mind, body and spirit was so empowering. This unique breathwork training allows you to tap into your own creativity to combine movement, sound, breath and meditation to curate a beautiful class. I truly felt we were given all the tools to understand the practice of breathwork, how to facilitate and hold space, as well as the business side of how to begin teaching your own classes. I felt prepared to begin hosting classes immediately. I would highly recommend this training to anyone hoping to help themselves and others transform their lives with the power of breath.
Alia Jiwani


Dorm Style

Dorm Room – five twin beds

Our most economical option which includes simple and comfortable accommodation in a share sleeping space of 3-5 people. Includes access to a shared bathroom space.


Shared Room – two twin beds

A semi-private sleeping space with room for two people and includes access to a bathroom space (depending on the room it may be a shared or private bathroom).


Private Room – King Bed

Our private rooms include a single Queen or King bed and private bathroom.

Testimonials From Graduates

Options for Your Experience

Elemental Rhythm Training Experience

In Person Retreat (Saturday + Sunday)

  • In person training workshop weekend retreat held at ClearBeing Retreat Center
  • Optional: add on meals
  • Access to property and trails
  • Optional: Complimentary Banya Evening Experience (Saturday)

Online Learning Component

  • 6 weekly zoom calls
  • Self-practice + home study
  • Partner practice calls
  • Practice hours + final examination to gain certification

Fully Immersive Elemental Rhythm Training Experience

In Person Retreat (Friday, Saturday + Sunday)

  • In person training workshop weekend retreat held at ClearBeing Retreat Center
  • 2 nights accommodation stay at ClearBeing retreat Center (Fri + Sat evenings)
  • Access to property and trails
  • 6 meals included (Friday dinner – Sunday lunch) *will be dependent on total numbers
  • Optional: Complimentary Banya Evening Experience (Saturday)

Online Learning Component

  • 6 weekly zoom calls
  • Self-practice + home study
  • Partner practice calls
  • Practice hours + final examination to gain certification

Next Steps (options):

To register for Facilitators Training (program + in person training)

To register for either experience listed above you will click the button below to purchase and register for the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitators Training Level 1.

For Fully Immersive Elemental Training Experience

Full Immersive – If you’re interested in staying at ClearBeing and immersing yourself in the tranquil energy of the land during the weekend training please fill in your information below. Details will be sent to Elemental Training and they will reach out about next steps. Please keep in mind that some room styles are more limited than others.

Add on Meals – If you are commuting and are interested in add on meals please fill out the form below to share your interest (will be dependent on number of people interested)


I’ve been feeling the call to facilitate a breath class for a while now. Most breath courses follow a strict guideline with a very rigid structure. The Elemental Rhythm course is in a league of its own, not only with their specific teaching approach to the fundamentals of breathing but with the addition of movement and guided meditation. Being able to learn and combine these into a single experience is very powerful medicine. The added bonus is that it teaches a framework that allows you to add your own creativity and personality to, so while you are teaching with the tools provided, you are free to create your own art with it. To me this is what puts this course into a different stratosphere. I highly recommend it!
Jay Ziebarth

The event is finished.


Jul 16 - 17 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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