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Terms and Conditions for Breathwork

Disclaimer & Release of Liability

By registering for this class I hereby acknowledge that I understand any potential risks of taking this class, workshop and/or course. It may cause without limitation the loss of consciousness, dizziness, lightheadedness, tetany, and tingling sensations which all can pose a danger to my health and well-being especially when unsupervised.

I acknowledge that I will ensure my own proper supervision, monitoring and/or safeguards, when practicing at home and release and forever discharge ClearBeing Inc, all of its employees, associates, directors, and facilitators from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever arising out of the participation in the course.

Breathwork is not advised for persons with a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries or surgery without first speaking with a medical professional.

Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women are advised against practicing breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from their primary care physician. Persons with asthma should have their inhaler present at all times and consult with their primary care physician.

By registering and taking this class, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms above, and if necessary consulted with my doctor and/or healthcare provider prior to participation in the activity and in particular have discussed without limitation the above risk conditions before taking the course.

ClearBeing Retreat Center Policies


ClearBeing is a fragrance-free environment Exposure to perfumes and other scented products can trigger very serious health reactions in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines or multiple chemical sensitivities. The health effects of fragrances – ranging in severity from mild to debilitating – can include: headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath and wheezing. For some people, especially those with asthma and other respiratory disorders, exposure to fragrances can trigger the need for emergency medical treatment. Perfumes and colognes are considered the most concentrated form of fragrance, however fragrances can be found in a wide range of products including soaps, shampoos, deodorants, hairsprays and cosmetics. To protect our community members with chemical sensitivities, we ask for your cooperation in helping to create a ‘scent-free’ environment: Avoid wearing scented personal care products such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, scented lotions or creams for the body, face or hands. Most brands have fragrance-free products available.

Recreational Drug Use

ClearBeing is a recreational drug-free environment. While we recognize the benefits of the use of medicinal plants in ceremonial settings, our expertise lies in providing an environment where people can experience their capacity for deep presence and radiant insights in the midst of ordinary moments. Through our various offerings, we are honored to create space for you to integrate your plant-medicine experiences.


While we rent out our space for a variety of types of events, ClearBeing is an alcohol free environment.


ClearBeing is a smoke free-environment. If you wish to vape or smoke cigarettes, please enquire about and visit our designated outdoor smoking areas.


ClearBeing is a place to experience peace and tranquility. With that in mind we encourage that if you are participating in a retreat that you be mindful of other participants who may desire a more quiet experience. Guests should not bring any portable speakers or CD/tape players without earphones. In the case for events that are outdoors, we ask that you keep the noise level to a respectful level to be considerate of neighboring properties.


We suggest that you let go of technology during your stay at ClearBeing in order to meet yourself and your moments in fresh ways, and open yourself to the richest experience possible. Some of the meditation and silent retreats will request that you turn off your cell phone for the duration of your stay. In case of emergencies, loved ones will be able to reach you through ClearBeing’s phone line. Phone line: 905-581-9601


ClearBeing has a focus on nutritional wellness if we are preparing food for guests we serve whole, organic, low-fat, plant-based food, with an emphasis on living foods. All of our dishes are dairy-, egg-, and gluten free and we are flexible to cater to other dietary needs. For hosts who plan to bring their own food we ask that you do not bring meat, dairy or eggs on the premesis.


Many of our activities take place outdoors so be sure to bring clothing suitable for the season and all types of weather. We suggest wearing comfortable layered clothing particularly for retreats where there is movement. When sitting for longer periods as in meditation retreat, it’s also helpful to wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing. For meditation retreats please dress modestly. Midriffs and thighs should be covered.


Although the residents of ClearBeing have dogs and you will likely meet them during your stay, for the comfort and quiet of guests, please leave your animals at home.